New Version1.13 Recovery Tools and Fixes

Bitcoin private generator made with tkinter. Looks for Bitcoin in a nice GUI interface. Private key, Wallet Generation, Hex, Dec, WIF and Mnemonic.

Many functions and tools. Calculator games 16×16 Visual Hex.

Bitcoin&Crypto Tkinter GUI Hunter


Microsoft C++ Build Tools required on Windows

download and install

Install Libaries

pip install bit
pip install numpy
pip install base58
pip install ecdsa
pip install simplebloomfilter
pip install bitarray==1.9.2
pip install lxml
pip install requests
pip install psutil

Ubuntu Install.

sudo apt install python3-pip
sudo apt install python3-tk
python3 -m pip install psutil
python3 -m pip install base58
python3 -m pip install ecdsa
python3 -m pip install simplebloomfilter
python3 -m pip install lxml
python3 -m pip install bit
python3 -m pip install numpy
python3 -m pip install bitarray==1.9.2

Main Bitcoin Wallet Generator

Winner Display

Conversion Tools

Brain Wallet Tools



Mnemonic Wallet Tools


16x16Hunter is a simple implementation of a cellular automaton, inspired by the classic game of Life.
Each cell has two states, on and off, and the state of each cell is determined by the states of its eight neighboring cells according to a set of rules.
By setting the initial state of the cells and then letting the automaton run, complex patterns and behavior can emerge.

In this implementation, you canedit the grid by clicking on cells to toggle their state, or by using the options in the Grid Options frame.
You can start, pause, and step through the automaton using the Play Options frame.
You can adjust the speed of the automaton using the Speed frame, and set the initial seed of the random generator using the Random Seed frame.
You can also set the rules of the automaton using the Rule frame.
The Info frame displays information about the current state of the automaton, including the current tick,
the number of on and off cells, and the binary, decimal, and hexadecimal representations of the current state.

In addition, you can enter a hexadecimal value in the Enter hex value field and click the Update grid button to set the grid to the corresponding state.
This can be useful for exploring specific patterns or behavior.

16x16Hunter was developed by Mizogg as a fun and educational project. The code is available on [GitHub/] for anyone to use or modify. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at [].


About Bitcoin

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Look for Bitcoin with tkinter and python in GUI.
Made By
Version = 1.13 (1810 Lines of code)
New Recovery Tools Added Hunt for WIF DEC HEX Missing characters.

Version = 1.12 (1727 Lines of code)
Added Bitcoin Miner (TEST Work in Progress) Add you own wallet to miner Page.
Start the miner and hunt for Bitcoin. the Miner will run in the CMD window Behind
Fixed error in rotaion4 report to file
Fixed error with starting private key in Pages Sequential

Version = 1.11 (1450 Lines of code)
Added Rotation4Bit @AlphaCentury, 28.04.22
Script to print all rotations of a randomly generated string.(EDITED)
20 Ranges 64 private keys per range 4 addresses per key.

Version = 1.10
Added Seach by Pages 128 Private keys per page 512 Addresses (Much Faster)
Memory leak Fixed on Brain, Mnemonic and 16×16
Version = 1.9 (1087 Lines of code)

Version = 1.8 (1422 Lines of code)
New features added to Brain Wallet Generator
New features added to Bitcoin Generator

Version = 1.7
New Conversion BITS to HEX DEC Binary
Plus and Minus Ranges in conversion
Updates to brain and Words auto start input
Input start and stop Decimal main Bitcoin Generator
1 Brain word from list TODO make stop function on 1 Brain

Version = 1.6 (1654 Lines of code)
16x16Hunter speed improvements
Other Fixes and code reduced in size
removed Puzzle Tab and block game

Version = 1.5
16x16Hunter added Offline

Version = 1.4
Pop Up boxes

Version = 1.3
Mnemonic added NEW Feature
Added Random Button To Convertor Tab
Added Start and Stop to Brain Wallet also Added Input screen
Puzzle page Updated

Version = 1.2 (3100 Lines of code)
Added Brain Online and Oflline
Added Conversion Tools
Added Atomic Wallet API
Big Thanks TO @Clintsoff and CryptoCrackers
More Information and help please check links in menu help !!!

Check out more of my programs.[Website/https://mizogg/]

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